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Stoicism: Techniques to help you in business and life.

Any buisness venture or lifeventure can throw up challenging times, and when things get tough, more often than not, people quit to preserve their sanity. In this article, we introduce you to stoicism, and how it can help you cope in yhe toughest of times.

Stoicism is a philosophy that provides comfort during challenging times, as it guides individuals to overcome difficulties and find value in life's obstacles. Epictetus, a philosopher and stoic, sought knowledge to help people deal with life's struggles. He believed in differentiating between what we control and what we can't, as well as the power of our perspectives and beliefs. Missonius Rufus, his mentor, had insights that people traveled great distances to hear.Seneca was another philosopher who faced great adversity. He believed in living in the present and not wasting time on worries about the future. Seneca warned about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who have a positive impact on our lives. Similarly, Marcus Aurelius, a student of stoicism, believed in living a virtuous life and taking action. Despite facing the twin evils of war and plague during his reign, he remained committed to responding with Stoic virtues of courage, moderation, justice, and wisdom. Aurelius wrote "Meditations" as a way to pass on Stoic guidance to future generations. One of the key messages from Aurelius is the importance of winning the morning to win the day and at life, as well as the idea that hardships can be seen as fuel for resilience and endurance. He believed that everything he faced was an opportunity to respond with the four Stoic values of courage, moderation, justice, and wisdom, making even the most complex situations simple. One tool that Aurelius emphasized was the practice of Memento Mori, which means reflecting on one's mortality as a way to free ourselves from pointless, stressful, and overwhelming thoughts. Instead, this practice inspired gratitude, charity, and positivity. Overall, Stoicism offers a unique approach to navigating life's challenges. The philosophy provides a way to find inner peace and meaning, even during difficult times. Through the teachings of Stoicism, we can learn how to approach problems as opportunities for growth, live in the present, and find value in every moment of our lives.

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